Welcome to Leevenchybrand.

Leevenchybrand is Nigeria’s No 1 beauty and fashion brand,A home where quality speaks over quantity.

The beauty part deals on 100% raw hair, wigs and bundles, at top notch,hair food to revamp your curls and hair oil for fast gowth of hair, lashes and makeup services are being rendered.

The fashion of Leevenchybrand Is the sport wear. We deal on anything sport. Right now we just launch our tracksuit collections.  A unisex collection suitable for everyone.

Leevenchy brand was launched July 2017. By Miss Leesi Vizor. In her words

“I wanted to create something fun,for the everyday woman,whether they are fierce,sassy,sexy,edgy,fashion forward or even a little bit of everything.My goal was to allow women be able to switch up their look and cultivate styles that uniquely belong to each of them,A woman’s whole look and confidence can change instantly by her hair”


Her passion for hair and beauty made her venture into this journey.  Her priority is to provide quality at it top notch. There is a known saying when you go Leevenchy you never go back because we deliver the best out of the best.
We sort our hairs from the single donors from Malaysia, Vietnam, Argentina, Cambodia and so on.