Until now, we have many client ask us, how to wash brazilian body wave hair? To be honest, this is a really easy thing, today let our EMEDAHAIR Team help you.
1.Start by brushing and combing your hair to remove any tangles.
2.Gradually add water to moisten the hair. If the hair is dry and you soak it with water, it can 3.swell and create matting and tangles. This can lead to damage for the extensions.
4.Comb or brush the hair as you moisten it to keep it from tangling.
5.Add an appropriate amount of a good quality shampoo.
6.Wash the extensions from the top down while gently working the shampoo into the strands.
6.Rinse thoroughly with clean water, again working from the top down.
7.Apply a quality conditioner, but avoid adding too much. Too much conditioner can cause build up that can lead to tangles. A leave-in conditioner is ideal.
8.Wrap your hair in a towel and gently press the excess water out.
9.Comb through the extensions and allow them to air dry.
10.Style as usual.

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